3 Home Upgrades You Can’t Live Without

If you could add anything to your home, what would it be? Would you spring for the obvious, such as a swimming pool or a new washer-dryer set? Maybe a fire pit would be great for entertaining guests, or a new sofa could modernize your living room.

But what about things that add value to your home and require little to no maintenance? We’ve come up with three must-have home upgrades that will enrich your life – and they’re not very complicated at allSimple Home Upgrades- Hughes-Edwards Luxury Home Builders

Built-In USB Ports

Most of us find ourselves searching for a phone or tablet charger at least once a week. When we bring it into the kitchen from the bedroom, we leave it – and then we wake up to dead batteries. Adding USB wall sockets gives you the convenience of having a docking station in each room, and the best part? They’re often combined with ordinary AC outlets, which means you don’t have to sacrifice one for the other.

LED Lighting Systems

LED lights are more cost-effective than ordinary incandescent bulbs; they’re even more efficient than fluorescent lighting. Because they’re becoming so popular, entire track lighting systems, recessed light ports and even chandeliers are made specifically for LEDs. It’s even fairly easy to find weatherproof LEDs, giving you long lasting lighting inside and out that increases your home’s value while lowering your energy bills.

LED lighting tips:

  • Use “warm white” LED bulbs for indoor lighting and “daylight” bulbs for outdoor lighting.
  • Look for a high color rendering index, or CRI; the closer you get to 100, the more natural the light will look.
  • Find a color temperature rating between 2,700K and 3,000K – they create “warmer” light that’s less harsh than natural light.

Outdoor Living Space

A patio or deck is one addition that every homeowner needs to consider. Whether you want an open-air patio with a fireplace built in (think seasonally when you’re making plans!) or you want a covered deck to enjoy the Middle Tennessee breezes on cool summer evenings, expanding your home with outdoor living space adds a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. A patio or deck can even add a significant amount of value should you ever decide to sell.

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