5 Questions You Need to Ask your Custom Home Builder

A new custom home is a big investment, and it makes sense to get to know the builder who will create the house of your dreams.

While it’s a good idea to explore the builder’s website and look at pictures of the luxury homes they’ve built in the past, you still need to talk about your options—and with that said, you need to ask a handful of questions that can help ensure you’re picking the right builder.



5 Questions to Ask a Custom Home Builder

  1. How long have you been in business, and where do you typically build?

A good builder will have a significant portfolio of custom homes and will be able to build where you want them to (even if you’re trying to get into a specific subdivision). Longevity in the construction business is also important, because builders with bad reputations don’t last long.

  1. Can I provide my own plans, or will I be able to have input with your designers?

Because this is your home, you want to be able to customize as much of it as possible. Some builders only work from a specific set of plans, and that may not be what you need.

  1. How quickly will you build my custom home?

The right builder will be able to complete your home in a timeframe that works for you. They’ll also be able to give you firm dates and have a track record that proves they live up to their words.

  1. How often can I come see the progress?

A good homebuilder will leave the entire process open to you. It’s your home, after all, and you should be able to see its progress whenever you’d like. Bear in mind, though, that there may be safety issues if you choose to visit while workers are active on the site.

  1. Who is my point-of-contact for questions before, during and after construction?

Your builder should provide you with a point-of-contact who knows exactly what’s going on with your home. Your point-of-contact needs to be someone who will carve out time to talk to you whenever you need answers, as well.

This might be your first custom home purchase. Even if it’s not, you deserve to work with a Middle Tennessee custom homebuilder that cares and will be there for you through every step of the process.

When you’re ready to talk about your options (and ask us all of these questions), we’d love to talk. Call us at 615-824-6970 or 615-824-9283. You can also contact Hughes Edwards Builders online and let us know what you’re looking for; we’ll be happy to hear what you need and explain how we can make your dream home a reality.[gravityform id=”9″ title=”true” description=”true”]


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