Boosting Productivity in Your Home Workspace

If you’re like most of us, you have a designated home workspace. Whether it’s a study, a library or your breakfast nook, it’s the place you go when you couldn’t quite wrap things up at the office – and it’s the place where distractions need to be at a minimum so productivity can be at a maximum.

But how can you smooth out your home workspace without a major decorating overhaul?Home Office Productivity- Hughes Edwards Builders

Less is More in a Home Workspace

Most professional decorators agree that when it comes to home workspaces, less really is more. While attractive art, stacks of books and your favorite collectables make you feel good, they can be distracting when it’s time to get down to business.

If your space feels cluttered, it’s a good idea to group like items and remove excess. You don’t have to get rid of things – you just have to relocate them to another room where distraction is okay.

Color and Patterns: Adding Depth and Texture

Keep patterns to a minimum, but if you feel like your space is too “flat,” consider adding texture. An ultra-soft rug, a contrasting and deep wood grain, or a bold-looking plant (even a cactus, in the right setting) can make a huge difference.

Let the Light Shine In

Dark drapes are great for privacy, but they don’t do much for livening up a home workspace. If you want to keep your dark drapes, invest in high-quality ties that can pull them back as far as possible. Natural light is often touted as the best work lighting; just be sure to turn your computer monitor at an angle so glare doesn’t fatigue your eyes.

Don’t Have Enough Workspace?

Sometimes makeshift home workspaces just don’t cut it and you need to remodel or renovate part of your home to accommodate your career. At Hughes-Edwards Builders, we specialize in extensive remodels that increase living space through major transformations; our newly constructed custom homes are found in premier locations all over Middle Tennessee, as well. If you’d like to chat about your options, call us at (615)824-6970, contact us online or fill out the form below – we’d love to hear from you. [gravityform id=”9″ name=”Contact Us”]

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