End-of-Summer Landscaping Tips from the Pros

7 End-of-Summer Landscaping Tips for Middle Tennesseans

It’s way too early to start thinking about fall, but it’s coming a little sooner than we’d like – and that means it’s time to start getting our lawns and landscaping ready for what lies ahead. That said, there are seven things you’ll need to tackle before the temperatures start to dip. Landscaping Tips- Hughes Edwards Builders

1. Start light pruning. Trimming your roses will likely earn you a beautiful array of last-minute blooms, and nipping away at old, dead branches on bushes and decorative shrubs is a perfect end-of-summer project.

2. Fix damaged spots. Whether your dog has spent the summer digging for treasure or you’re facing dead spots beneath garden containers, it’s time to move things around and revive what you can before fall hits.

3. Hire a contractor. Many contractors in Middle Tennessee have a slow period in August, so it’s the perfect time to call someone to re-seal your driveway, repair fencing or handle other tasks that require professional help.

4. Pick out the bulbs you’ll be planting in the fall. You can customize your yard for next year before early bulb-planting season begins (that won’t be until November), and you’ll be ready right on time.

5. Make sure that no pests have holed up in your lawn. At the end of summer, when temperatures reach their peak, you probably won’t see many lawn pests – but they can pop up again as soon as the weather starts to cool. Treat your lawn if necessary to get rid of grubs, beetles and other pests so that you’re not faced with something you’d rather not see next spring.

6. Get your lawn mower and landscaping equipment serviced. Again, contractors have a slow period in August. You’ll likely have no trouble having your lawn mower blades sharpened and getting a complete service at this time of year. Besides, they’ll be in great shape for next year.

7. Enjoy your landscape. This is a definite must; you’ve worked hard all summer, so make sure you take the last several weeks of the season to enjoy everything you’ve done.

Not Happy with Your Current Scenery?

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