Five Tips For A Spring Ready Home

Your home is typically your largest investment and there are several great maintenance steps which can save you costly repairs. Bryan Edwards, president of Hughes-Edwards Builders, says many homeowners are so busy with weekend activities and day-to-day living but they need to take one Saturday morning to save themselves a lot of future headaches. Here are Hughes-Edwards five important Spring maintenance tips:

1. HVAC Tune-Up.  The best way to optimize performance for one of the major systems of your home is to have this equipment tuned up in Spring and Fall. In addition to adding to the lifespan of these expensive units, it will run more efficiently saving you money. Teeth cleaning and car oil changes are planned. Go ahead and add monthly air filter checks to the calendar as well.

2. Clear Gutters. April showers are right around the corner. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris. Protect your roof and home from water damage issues.

Before the April showers hit, Hughes-Edwards recommends clearing all gutters of winter debris.

3.  Trim Shrubs. Proper shrub and tree maintenance protects your home from mold, mildew, insects and rodents.  We like using a dormant oil spray as a preventative measure to protect expensive trees and shrubs from future insect damage.

4. Check Windows and Doors. After winter conditions, it is a great idea to check the caulking around windows and door sealants.

5. Inspect Roof, Foundation and Driveway. In the Spring, it’s time to evaluate any weather related damage.  Many times you can prevent costly larger repairs to these critical areas of the home.

Hughes-Edwards has a home crew available for home repairs, renovation as well as new home construction. At the end of the day, a little bit of your time can ensure your largest investment remains in pristine condition.

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