The Ultimate Kids’ Retreat

Kids need space to spread out, make a mess and live it up – and when that place doubles as a bedroom, it’s tough to get them to settle in for the night. The temptation is just too great; there’s so much to do.

Fortunately, a playroom solves that problem. It also serves as an extra-large containment area when the toy box explodes, the singing gets a little too loud, and when the friends are dangerously close to jumping on your new sofa.The Ultimate Kids' Retreat- Hughes Edwards Builders Middle Tennesse

Creating the Ultimate Kids’ Retreat

“In a kids’ space, patterns don’t need to be cutesy cartoon characters, as long as they’re brightly colored and happy,” says Jacquelyn McGilvray of the DIY Network. Kids thrive on color, and McGilvray also suggests using tiled carpet for variety, style and easy repair (you can swap one out easily if there’s a spill). “Pile on vibrant colors and create a place to snuggle and lounge,” she says.

In addition to looks, though, you need the ability to keep it clean. It’s easier for kids to hold up their end of the bargain if you have plenty of shelving, pull-out baskets that are labeled, and separate play stations for coloring, building and other activities.

McGilvray is also a big fan of interactive décor, such as chalk-friendly black paint on a wall or on cabinet doors, as well as hanging seats and swivel chairs that are fun on their own.

Other nice touches? Funky bookshelves shaped like trees, loft-style bunks that give kids a built-in fort, and areas with rubber floor mats.

Rubber floor mats, according to McGilvray, “are ideal for a playroom because they are soft and warm on the feet, and they will acoustically buffer the sound of kids bouncing basketballs in the house.” That’s a win-win situation in our book.

Do Your Kids Have Enough Space in Your House?

If your home isn’t set up to give your kids room to grow, it might be time to start exploring your options. Hughes Edwards Builders can help; we build spectacular custom homes all over Middle Tennessee, and we’d love to talk about your ideas.

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