10 Articles to Read BEFORE you build your Dream Home

Media Center by Hughes Edwards Builders Nashville TN

Media Center by Hughes Edwards Builders

There are so many decisions to make while planning a dream home!  At Hughes-Edwards Builders, our expert team of designers and craftsmen can help guide your through the process of building a new home or remodeling your current home in the Nashville, TN area from start to finish. Want to get a head start on the planning? Here are 10 expert articles available on the web that might help:

“Do I Need An Architect?” by Jackie Craven seeks to help you answer that question by explaining the basics of the residential design world, like the difference between a certified professional building designer and an architect.  Find it at about.com.

–If you’re interested in efficient use of space, check out “The Not So Big Showhouse:  A Virtual Tour” at notsobighouse.com.  The Not So Big House is all about designing rooms that do double- and even triple-duty, like the “away room” that can be a home office, a gaming room and/or a guest bedroom, with a hidden bed in the wall.

–“Top Ten Kitchen Design Trends” at hgtv.com is a photo gallery showcasing color palettes and combinations of finishes for this most important room.

–For even more kitchen inspiration, read “Our Most Beautiful Kitchens” at traditionalhome.com.  The article and photos of these gorgeous cooking spaces are a showcase of different styles, from contemporary to French Country.

–Within the big subject of kitchens, the selection of countertop material is a major decision — there are choices other than granite.

Learn about all your countertops options at the blog, kitchn.com, whose author posted “Kitchen Countertops:  11 Material Choices.”  Each material choice is discussed in a separate little article, so this is a place to find out about the pros and cons of granite versus concrete, quartz, soapstone and other choices.

–What room or rooms in your dream house will have a TV in them, and where will the TV be placed? Confront your TV issues by reading “The TV Dilemma:  TV Over Fireplace?” at  thingsthatinspire.net.

Here, you can ponder your own answer to this all-important question while reading the opinions of design experts and viewing the photo gallery of ingenious TV placement ideas, including one that’s IN the fireplace (instead of a fire).

–The ancient Chinese concept of feng shui holds that the placement of rooms, windows and doors can affect your well-being.  In our culture, we call it the positive “flow” that some houses seem to have.

If you want good flow in your home design, read “A Good Feng Shui Floor Plan” on about.com, which includes seven specific tips to maximize “good energy” in your new home.

–Closets are so important, and too often, un-premeditated. While planning your new house check out “Readers Choice:  The 10 Most Popular Closet Photos of 2012” on houzz.com, which also contains expert discussions by designers on this critical subject.

There’s a separate gallery of 10 master closets.  (You might want to copy the one with the built-in ironing boards.)

–One brick is NOT like another!  Before you decide how your house is going to look on the outside, read “Choosing Exterior Brick, Stone and Colors” by blogger Joel Luks at joelswelcomemat.wordpress.com.

–If you’re like most homeowners, you want a good outdoor living space. Visit Southern Living’s website, for the article, “71 Breezy Porches and Patios,” and see these porches, patios and piazzas.  Steal-able ideas: the built-in drink ledge, and the porch doors with the shutters.

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