3 Home Improvement Myths

Most people are always on the lookout for ways to improve their living spaces – but sometimes, an improvement isn’t really an improvement. In some cases, people make grave errors in home improvement that actually end up costing them in the long run. You can avoid falling into a trap by understanding the three most serious home improvement myths.

3 Home Improvement Myths- Hughes-Edwards Builders

Home Improvement Myth #1: Remodeling is Always Good

While updating your cabinetry and making sure your countertops are in good shape are generally good ideas, not all remodeling projects will go over well with future buyers. If you ever intend to sell your home, remember that not everyone wants a built-in greenhouse or a Jacuzzi tub located just off the kitchen.

Home Improvement Myth #2: Keeping Up with the Joneses is Smart

It is a good idea to keep up with current design trends, but be careful about their permanence. Remember floral-print wallpaper? Sure you do – it’s in your grandma’s house. When you’re improving your home, make sure the things you do aren’t too faddish; if they are, make sure they’re easy to change when the trends swing in another direction.

Home Improvement Myth #3: “This is Easy.”

There is a time and a place for do-it-yourself projects. Anyone can re-grout a bathtub, but it takes planning and intensive work to add a room, finish a basement or handle major repairs. Things like building permits, finding residential-grade building materials and safe electrical wiring require most people to find expert help. Lots of projects look easy on the surface, but when you delve deeper, you could be asking for trouble.

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