5 Ways to Make Your Home More Livable

It’s easy to think about resale value when planning your new custom home.  In fact, we can spend so much time thinking about what will sell well that it’s easy to forget what features will actually make you happy while you are living in your home.  After all, you are building the house for yourself first.

Make Your Home More Livable

So what can you do to make your custom home more livable?

1. Tech

There is no better time to add life-simplifying technology to your home than while it’s being built.  Make your home comfortable from the day you move in by adding smart thermostats, appliances, and lighting that will save you time and effort.

2. Large windows

Windows are becoming more and more energy efficient.  Why not take advantage of that fact and indulge yourself in extra-large windows instead of standard sizes?  Select walls in your house that have beautiful views and make the most of it. 

Having large windows on one wall can eliminate the need for smaller windows on other walls too, which can also help with privacy issues. 

3. Walk-in pantry

Keep your kitchen more open and less cluttered by creating a walk-in pantry.  The amount of storage that a walk-in pantry provides can’t even be compared to the limited amount you’ll get from a few more extra cabinets in the kitchen. 

A pantry is far more convenient for food storage than a cupboard, and it’s far easier to keep organized too. 

4. Shower instead of bathtub

When designing a master bath, we often add bathtubs to the list just because a bathroom should have a tub, right?  Not necessarily.  Think about how often you, personally, actually use a bathtub.  If you generally only shower, why not use the space a bathtub would take and create a luxurious, spa-worthy shower instead?

5. Lighting

Another important aspect of home design that’s easy to overlook is lighting.  Having the right lighting in your space, however, is vital.  Not only can lighting make or break the décor, a room that isn’t appropriately lit can be a terrible inconvenience. 

Think about how you’ll use each room, as well as how and when you will use lighting.  Then be sure to upgrade standard fixtures to quality ones that will really make your rooms shine.

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