Container Gardening: Improving Your Outdoor Space, One Plant at a Time

Everything looks better in spring, and since the official start is right around the corner, it’s time to get your outdoor living space prepped for enjoyment. Whether you’ve just moved into one of Middle Tennessee’s most beautiful homes or you’ve been living there for a while, a few strategically placed containers outside can turn an ordinary backyard into an extraordinary paradise.container gardening- Hughes Edwards Builders

Choosing Your Containers

The key to choosing the right garden containers is finding something that creates a harmonious balance between your home’s style, your personality and the landscape you’re working with. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Size. Are you partitioning off one area of your backyard with a series of containers, or will there be a few added in strategic locations? Plants grow better in large containers because they’re more resistant to temperature changes and contain more soil, which stays moist longer. Small containers make wonderful accents, so if you’re not looking for a focal point, small might be your best bet.
  • Materials. The Middle Tennessee climate is favorable for almost any type of container, but when temperatures dip below freezing, clay and terra-cotta pots can crack. Wood adds a fantastic closeness with nature, and concrete is modern and stylish (but it’s extremely heavy). Metal looks good in some cases, but it puts plants’ roots through wild temperature fluctuations; on the other hand, you could choose plastic or polyurethane as a one-size-fits-all container. Whatever type of container you use, make sure it has several drainage holes in the bottom to keep your plants healthy.

Planning Your Landscape

Whether you want to line your porch steps with beautiful pots or you’re looking for trough-style flowerbeds to put around your outdoor kitchen – which also look great with seasonal herbs – it’s important to plan before you start lugging those heavy containers around your yard. Even a quick sketch can give you an accurate glimpse of what your new and improved outdoor space will look like.

Need to Improve Your Indoor Space, Too?

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