Is Building a Custom Home More Expensive than Buying a Preexisting Home?

Buying a house is exciting, but it’s also a little bit confusing. Should you buy a home that’s close to what you want, or should you build a new one from the ground up?

If you buy one that’s close, you can renovate or sell it… but if you buy a custom home, you might enjoy it more and be happier with your decision.

Sometimes it comes down to cost. So is building a custom home more expensive than buying a preexisting home?

Not always.


The Cost of Buying a Preexisting Home

While you may save a little money on your mortgage, the amount could be negligible if you factor in:

  • The costs of necessary upgrades and repairs. Older homes – even those built only a decade ago – can have issues with plumbing, HVAC systems or electrical systems.
  • Quirks you can’t live with. When you are looking homes, it’s easy to miss little quirks, whether they’re in the floor plan or elsewhere.
  • Layout problems. Sometimes a home’s layout problems aren’t readily apparent. It may take some time to figure out that the laundry room is in the wrong place, there’s too much foot traffic in front of your bedroom or that there are other issues with the floor plan.

The Cost of Building a Custom Home

Many people find that the cost of building a custom home, although it may be a bit higher initially, is worth it.  Reasons people choose to build a custom home rather than buy a preexisting home include:

  • Everything is new. You won’t need to upgrade anything, and you won’t need to redo the décor. You’ll also save money on your electricity and gas bills, because all of the appliances will be energy-efficient.
  • You choose the design. You get to pick your layout and ensure that your home will work for you and your family.
  • Custom home prices are comparable to prices of existing homes of the same size and with the same amenities.

Are You Ready for a Custom Home in Middle Tennessee?

If you’re ready to create the perfect living space, we’d love to help. We specialize in building some of the most beautiful homes in Davidson, Williamson and Maury Counties.

Call us at 615-824-6970 or get in touch with us online to let us know what you want from your custom home. We can make it happen.

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