Reclaimed Wood – The Latest-and-Greatest Home Accessory

Environmental sustainability and green living have spawned a hot new trend in home décor: reclaimed wood. Salvaged woods are taking a front seat in home furnishings (and at the same time, they’re helping to ease the burden on the environment). It’s not uncommon to find homes that have built-in reclaimed wood, too, starting with celebrities like Diane Keaton and Zach Braff.

Reclaimed Wood - The Latest-and-Greatest in Home Decor

Tree Stump Coffee Tables and Side Tables

If unique character is a must in your home, spring for a tree stump. It’s a big trend that’s sweeping decorators off their feet, and you’ll see it from the sets of network talk shows to features in Architectural Digest. Nothing adds a little spice to your décor like a knotty, twisted trunk.

Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantels

Old barns are a treasure trove for artisans who make fireplace mantels. The rough textures, the quiet strength… what better material is there to complement a fireplace?

Reclaimed Wood Barn Doors

Few things add instant character and rustic charm to a space than a reclaimed barn door. The patina of an authentic barn door—from years, and maybe even decades of weathering—lends warmth and a unique sense of interconnectedness to any room. These doors are most often installed to slide open and closed on track assemblies and are great for saving space when you don’t want a door that swings open.

Reclaimed Wide Plank Flooring

For solid wood flooring that transforms the look and feel of your space, reclaimed wide planks can be an ideal option. The wood is salvaged from barns, rural structures and buildings and comes with built-in character that really makes a statement.

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