Should You Build Up or Out

When you’re building a custom home in Tennessee, you have several decisions to make. You’ll be focused on square footage, which rooms you’ll need and more – but before you get to any of that, it’s a good idea to settle on whether you want a sprawling one-story home or you’d rather have a multi-level home that lets you enjoy more space outdoors.


Building Up, Building Out… Does it Matter?

Whether you build up or build out is a personalized decision. If you’ve always wanted a bedroom that overlooks your backyard pool and the tree line behind your home, it’s no question – you’ll want more than one story. However, if you anticipate stairs being a problem for you or a family member, you might opt for something with very few upward steps.

A single-story home may have fewer constraints on the placement of load-bearing walls, and it allows you to have higher ceilings in most places, but you can get a mixture of vaulted ceilings and upper floor functionality with a creative floor plan. Single-story homes with the same square footage as their two- and three-story counterparts take up much more of your home lot, but they afford you the convenience of having everything on one level.

Most people choose a hybrid of the two. You can enjoy the best of both worlds – and the best part is that you’re making the decisions that will make your house a home that you can truly enjoy.

What to Ask Yourself Before You Settle on a Floor Plan

    • Do you want a guest room or a mother-in-law suite? Sometimes it’s best to have guest bedrooms upstairs, away from the commotion common in downstairs areas.


  • Are you planning a home theater or rec room? You’ll need something with high enough ceilings that’s also private enough to enjoy; these are often good lower-floor rooms.
  • How much space are you willing to give up outside for room inside? A multilevel home generates a smaller footprint than a single story house of the same size does, which can leave you plenty of yard space for entertaining or gardening.
  • Would you prefer to set apart some rooms from others? Nothing divides a space like gravity does. If you need quiet for a home office, consider the benefits of building up rather than out. Conversely, you may have kids’ bedrooms and a playroom in mind for your new custom home (a playroom needs to be easily accessible from anywhere in the home). If that’s the case, it might be better to build a single-story home.

Still Not Sure What’s Right for You?

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