Tips For Selecting A Custom Builder

Carefully evaluate your builder before making your final decision.

With the Tennessean reporting new home sales on the rise for Middle Tennessee and mortgage rates remaining historically low, many are considering building their own home.  Bryan Edwards, president of Hughes-Edwards Builders, says there are several important points to consider when selecting a custom homebuilder.

“I’ve seen so many folks make the mistake of basing the entire decision on price. While this is a critical consideration, at the end of the day, you are entering into a long-term, important relationship and you should carefully evaluate everything from price and reputation to customer and industry recommendations. Mostly importantly, evaluate the builder’s work first hand,” Edwards stressed.

Consider price, reputation, customer reviews & industry standing when choosing a builder.

NewHomeGuide lists several important points in choosing a builder that are very helpful including:  1) Check credentials, professional associations/memberships and awards earned 2) Review candidates experience and number of years in business 3) Seek references from real estate agents and review former customer recommendations 4) Be sure you visit recent homes the builder has built 5) Ask the builder what to expect in the building process. You can gain an important understanding into how the builder operates.

Hughes-Edwards believes attention-to-detail is important when creating a charming gourmet kitchen.

“We like to take a great deal of time explaining the process to clients to help them better understand and appreciate the steps needed to create their custom dream home,” Edwards said. “It truly is a partnership built on trust, respect and good communication.”

Here are some of the guidelines Hugh-Edwards always recommends a customer consider to develop a successful building partnership:


A good working relationship is critical in your builder partnership.

-Relationships – Building a home is a partnership between the builder and client. Determine if the builder is going to be someone you can trust.

-Price – Be careful to avoid the trap of considering the bottom line but ignoring whether or not the builder can actually deliver the quality home you want.

-Lot Selection – Allow your builder to be a part of the lot selection. Relying on the expertise of an experienced builder can save you huge site preparation costs.

-Design Partner – It is important to engage the company building your home in the home design process. Experienced builders can ensure costly design errors are avoided by serving as a crucial advisor in the design process.

Ensuring every square inch of a home is utilized, Hughes-Edwards is a design-build contractor.

The building decision process requires good research and, at the end of the day, you want to choose someone who will make the journey a rewarding and enjoyable experience, Edwards concluded.

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