10 Amazing Living Room Decorating Ideas

If you’ve just moved into your spectacular Middle Tennessee home (or if you’re only thinking about buying a custom home in the Nashville area), you’re probably thinking in overdrive about how you’re going to decorate. If you haven’t already hired a professional, check out these simple décor ideas that can turn your house into a magazine-worthy showplace.10 Amazing Living Room Decorating Ideas- Hughes Edwards Builders

10 Amazing Living Room Decorating Ideas

  1. Mix-and-match. Blending vintage pieces with modern architecture can create a wonderfully refreshing environment.
  2. Layer neutral colors. If your walls are cream-colored, think about having your window frames and door frames painted light brown; this can add depth and visual aesthetics.
  3. Create your own gallery. Establish one wall to use to display art. Use a contrasting mix of frames, sizes and even shapes to make that wall a fabulous focal point.
  4. Skip the heavy drapes. Opting for mobile shoji screens instead of blinds, drapes or curtains can let in more natural light and make the room appear even larger.
  5. Embrace nature. Use natural, neutral colors and accessorize with bamboo tables, teak shelves or other outdoor-inspired materials.
  6. Add memories to your décor. Grandma’s knitted throw, Uncle Bob’s football trophies and the antique family photo you dug out of your great-aunt’s attic add serious charm (and great focal points) to any living room.
  7. Go bold, or go… home. It’s okay to have one extremely bold pattern—as long as it’s kept to one or two pieces—because it prevents boredom and adds a splash of style.
  8. Set up a conversation spot. One corner of your living room can serve as a cozy spot where you unwind with your other half and chat in comfortable chairs with a cozy ottoman or two.
  9. Symmetry is back in. Add balance to your living room by making sure your furnishings are lined up and are close matches in size.
  10. Pick a bold accent color. When all of your decorative elements seem to blend together because the colors are so similar, pick something boldly different and add a few throw pillows, a rug, a table or even an ottoman to create a vibrant, lively look.

Need a Better Living Room?

It’s always a good time to freshen your décor, but if you’re looking for a new home to put it all in, we can help. We build some of Middle Tennessee’s most beautiful homes, and we’d love to hear your ideas and put our expertise to work.

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