Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

If you’re like most of us, you’re really looking forward to Thanksgiving. It’s a wonderful time to be grateful for what we have, reflect on the past year and everything we’ve achieved, and spend time with those we love the most. Many of us will also be opening our homes to our families and friends in order to celebrate this special holiday in true Southern style; if you’re one of the brave souls hosting Thanksgiving dinner, here’s how you can make it infinitely more memorable.Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner- Hughes Edwards Builders

Thanksgiving Place Settings

Everyone loves gathering at the table to enjoy a fantastic meal together, but you can do something extra-special for each guest: place a small memento, such as a small candle, at each place setting and use ribbon to tie a personal note for the intended guest about why you’re thankful for them. Just one line will do – “Judy, I’m thankful for all of the times you make me laugh,” or “Bill, I’m thankful for the way you are always here for me.”

The Ultimate Table Runner

If you don’t already have a Thanksgiving tradition, this year is the perfect time to start. With a white table runner and a handful of permanent markers, have each guest pick a spot to write what they’re thankful for and include the year. As your table runner fills up in the years to come, your guests will adore reading what they’ve written in previous years, and it’s a special tradition that everyone will look forward to.

Plan a Kids’ Activity

When all the little ones are relegated to the “kid table,” they can feel a little bit left out of the fun – but not if you give them something special to do. You can keep them occupied before dinner with a handful of paper towel rolls cut in half, construction paper, crayons and washable glue, and let them make pilgrims. They’ll love sharing craft time with siblings, cousins and friends, and you’ll love the adorable artwork that comes from the kids’ table.

Hughes Edwards Builders is Thankful for You

We spend the year building homes for our wonderful clients, like you, and we just wanted to take a moment to let you know that we’re grateful for you. Without you, we wouldn’t have become established as one of Middle Tennessee’s premier custom homebuilders, and we’re thankful that you’ve allowed us to create the perfect space for you and yours.[gravityform id=”9″ name=”Contact Us”]

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