4 Reasons to Work with Licensed Professionals

When you’re thinking about remodeling or renovating your Middle Tennessee home, it’s important that you work with licensed professionals—the risks are just too big if you don’t.

Some home remodeling projects are perfect DIY opportunities. However, when it comes to full-scale renovations, additions and other big jobs, it’s best to leave those projects to the pros. Even if you’re tempted to have friends and family pitch in, the risks usually outweigh the benefits.
4 reasons to work with licensed professionals - hughes edwards builders

4 Reasons to Work with Licensed Professionals

Safety is always a top priority, whether you’re doing a job yourself or you’re hiring experts. The big problem, though, is when a homeowner underestimates how difficult or how dangerous a job can be. Roofing is notoriously hazardous, as is electrical work. These things might seem simple on the surface, but things can quickly spiral out of control unless you, your friends or your relatives are trained to tackle the job.

Safety aside, there are a handful of other concerns you’ll have if you don’t work with a licensed professional on home improvement projects:

  1. Warranties. Licensed professionals usually offer warranties on their work, which gives you something to fall back on when a part of the job doesn’t go as planned.
  2. Cost. Many home renovation and remodeling projects require special tools, which you’ll have to rent or buy yourself. Those charges really add up—and when you figure in the hours you spend on the project, you could be saving a bundle by bringing in outside contractors. (We won’t even get into how much it could cost to repair mistakes or replace damaged property.)
  3. References. Whether you’re commissioning a contractor for something small or you’re going all-out, a licensed professional will have completed work that you can see (and testimonials or references, as well) in order to gauge the company’s track record.
  4. Recourse. If the company you hire doesn’t perform to the standards you agreed upon, you have legal recourse. You may be able to report them to their licensing bureau or be eligible for legal remedies based on the contract you signed.

There’s nothing wrong with a DIY project here and there, as long as you make sure you know your limitations and don’t overestimate your skill set.

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