The Perfect Use of Scatter Cushions

Simple and attention grabbing, scatter cushions are a smash hit in the design world. Why? They infuse a space with comfort and style—the two most essential elements in any room.

Simple and attention grabbing, scatter cushions are a smash hit in the design world.

Changeable Style, Eye-Popping Results

When you want to make a big impact, switching out scatter cushions is the perfect (and most cost-effective) way to do it. Go from solid colors that flatter the drapes and pull design elements together to bold, bright patterns that provide an aesthetically astounding contrast in the room.

Texture is important, too.

“Texture can be used in place of color in a monochromatic scheme,” design pro Laura Day says. “Instead of accent colors, think accent textures and surfaces.”

Company’s coming? Stash them away for the day or pull out even more. You can do whatever you want with scatter cushions, which is what makes them such versatile design elements.

Add Comfort and Panache to Your Bedroom or Guest Room

Adding plush scatter cushions to your bedroom or guest room is a sure-fire way to liven up the atmosphere. Use different sizes of the same shape or experiment with different shapes to get a look you love.

Scatter Doesn’t Really Mean Scatter

Although they’re called “scatter” cushions, there’s nothing wrong with strategic arrangements. In fact, a good arrangement can make or break the look you’re trying to create.

“Beautifully positioned scatter cushions look effortless, and they are the all-important finishing touch,” according to the experts at Place the largest scatter cushions first so they don’t dwarf smaller pillows; from there, artfully arrange them so they look inviting and comfortable—and so that someone could easily pick one up for quick comfort.

Let’s Talk About the Real Foundation for Your Scatter Cushions

While dressing up a room with scatter cushions is always a great idea, it helps if you love the room you’re working in—and Hughes Edwards Builders can make that happen. Whether you’re ready to renovate your home or you want to start from scratch with a custom home that’s all your own, we’re the Middle Tennessee experts.

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