5 Outdoor Gadgets You Can’t Live Without

Your yard will get plenty of attention now that it’s warming up outside, and if you’ve already added spectacular plants and a fabulous fire pit there isn’t much left to do… is there?

We’ve uncovered this summer’s five hottest outdoor gadgets that will improve your living space and make your life easier. Ready?Pit Barrel Cooker from Uncrate

1. Pit Barrel Cooker

A pit barrel cooker blends the best qualities of a slow cooker and of a smoker. If you’ve always wanted to enjoy smoked meat at home but never knew how, this is it.

2. Skydrop Sprinkler Controller

Why in the world would you water your lawn when it’s raining? You wouldn’t – but your automatic sprinkler system would. Unless, of course, you had a Skydrop. The Skydrop sprinkler controller stays connected to the local weather service and adjusts its watering schedule based on what’s going on outside. You can also control the system from your phone, tablet or PC.

3. August Smart Lock

Wouldn’t it be nice to give your kids a key that works all the time and your cleaning lady one that only works for a few hours a week? What if you could track who’s come in and out (and when)? The August Smart Lock lets you do exactly that. It even automatically locks and unlocks based on your proximity to the house.

4. Rapid Reel

When the kids (or the grown-ups) have a habit of leaving out the garden hose, which can cause damage, investing in a Rapid Reel can be a lifesaver. Simply turn the crank and the hose winds up – no hassles involved.

5. LawnBott Spyder

Remember when self-propelled vacuums came out and they were all the rage? Now the same thing is available for your lawn: the LawnBott Spyder. It cuts for up to 3 ½ hours on one charge and it can handle up to 5,500 square feet.

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