6 End-of-Summer Outdoor Tasks You Can’t Ignore

6 End-of-Summer Yard Tasks You Can't Ignore - Hughes Edwards Builders Luxury Homes

Summer is quickly drawing to a close, and if you’re ready to bundle up and head inside your spectacular custom home, that’s great.

If you’re like most of us, though, there’s a lot left to do.

While the sun is still shining and you have a few good weekends left, use this convenient end-of-summer outdoor checklist to make sure your lawn and garden are prepped for the winter months to come.

6 End-of-Summer Outdoor Tasks You Can’t Ignore

Before you do anything, grab a water bottle and survey your outdoor space. You may not need to do everything on this end-of-summer list (and our fingers are crossed that you don’t need to do more).

1. Pull weeds and level low spots. Purchase seed if you have dead patches.

2. Aerate and fertilize your lawn. Aerating breaks up compacted soil so that you get better results from fertilizer and so that your grass can grow more easily.

3. Prune climbing plants. Ivies and wisteria are a couple of plants that need to be pruned at the end of the summer; while you’re out there, make sure they realign properly on trellises.

4. Label your perennials with garden stakes. When spring rolls around, you won’t have to rely on your not-so-photographic memory to know what’s planted where.

5. Pick up fallen fruit, including small, inedible berries. They’re heaven for insects, who can infest your shrubs and trees and hole up for the winter.

6. Water everything early in the morning. Spray again in the afternoon if your plants are looking peaked. Making sure your plants are well-watered now can help ensure that they’ll do just fine throughout the winter.

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