Picking the Perfect Home Lot

How to Choose the Perfect Luxury Home Lot in Tennessee - Hughes Edwards Builders

Every Middle Tennessee community has its own strong points, and there’s a place for everyone. Once you’ve narrowed your choices to a particular neighborhood, how do you pick which lot is right for your personalized custom home?

Picking the Perfect Home Lot

Picking the perfect lot, for the most part, boils down to personal preference. However, there are some factors you’ll need to consider to help ensure that you’re truly happy with your choice (not just now, but long into the future).


  • *  Corner lots may be bigger, but there will be traffic on both sides
  • * Homes built at the end of T-shaped intersections are subject to flashes from oncoming headlights throughout the night.

If there are homes around a lot you’re considering, stop by at various times of day (make sure you’re there on the weekend, too). Are there families walking dogs? Planes roaring overhead? Kids playing in the cul-de-sac? You’ll be able to make the best decision about whether the space is right for you when you see what it’s like on an everyday basis.

Home Lots and Sun Exposure

If you’ve already discussed your custom home plans with the Hughes-Edwards team, you may have a good snapshot of its layout. While we’ll discuss these things with you while we’re making official plans, it’s good to remember that you need to account for sun exposure.

  • * Windows that face south are subject to sunlight most of the day.
  • * Porches and patios that face west can get extremely hot during the day.
  • * Front doors, sidewalks and driveways that don’t get southern or western exposure accumulate more  ice and snow than others do because the sun’s rays can’t melt it.

Basements Vs. Crawl Space

When selecting a lot for your custom home another detail to take in to consideration is basements vs. crawlspaces. If you decide that your home is going to have a basement than the lot selection must be conducive to accommodating a basement. Some things to take in to consideration if you decide to build a basement include:

  • * Lot prep is greater for flat lots. There is a lot more to dig which creates more dozer time and truck time to haul off dirt.
  • * Slopping Lots from front to back require less lot prep or less dig and truck time.
  • * In middle Tennessee the presence of rock is common. Rock will create additional lot prep cost for a basement.

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