5 Quick Tips for Home Office Organization

Statistics show that between 20 and 30 million Americans work from home at least one day a week. If you’re one of them, your home office might be a dream come true… or it might not. Many people who work from home report that their offices quickly become cluttered or somehow turn into an uncomfortable workspace.

Naturally, we’re huge advocates for remodeling your home office when you’re not happy with it. But since remodeling is a big step, you might want to try reorganizing and rearranging first.

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Here’s how to get organized:

Organization experts have all kinds of bright ideas about adding this and subtracting that, but we’ve broken down five quick tips for home office organization that will have you thinking more clearly and able to enjoy your workspace more than you ever have before.

1. Establish zones. Designate one spot for reference materials, one spot for a clear, clutter-free workspace and one spot where you stash all of your office supplies.

2. Maximize your useful space. If you’re using your printer/fax combo every day, for example, it should be conveniently located near (or in) your workstation. If you have one but never use it, put it far away so it’s not a space-hogging distraction.

3. Cut cord clutter. Wrap up all of your cords so that they’re not taking up legroom or giving your office a messy, unkempt look. Ordinary wire ties or ribbon will work, but some experts suggest using address labels folded back on themselves – that way, you can label which cord goes with which equipment.

4. Go paperless. Not everyone can go paperless, but with the increase in digital media, it might be easier than you think. No more stacks of folders, rows of binders or other paper clutter; just two external hard drives (one’s for backup) that you can take anywhere, any time.

5. Invest in the right furniture. A desk that’s too small or inadequate shelving can ruin your work-at-home motivation, and so can a chair that’s not comfortable enough (or one that’s too comfortable).

Not Happy with Your Home Office?

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