Celebrity Homes- What’s Yours Missing?

We all love the television shows that let us dip our toes into the celebrity lifestyle. Their spectacular swimming pools, five-star kitchens and unbelievably large bedrooms get our imaginations churning with ideas for our own homes. While some of them are a little extreme (do you know anyone who can reasonably use more than 20 bathrooms?), there are plenty of ways you can transform your home into a glamorous, celebrity-quality getaway.

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Chill Out With a Wine Cellar

A wine refrigerator is a nice start, but you can go big by adding a wine cellar to your custom home. As long as your wine cellar holds a temperature between 55 and 58 degrees F, with an ideal humidity of 57 percent, you’ll be in great shape. (Many people opt for a home renovation to add a wine cellar, but if you haven’t yet built your custom home, we’ll gladly add it in ahead of time.)

Relax In a Recreational Retreat

You probably won’t see a celebrity shooting hoops at the YMCA or swimming laps in the community pool, so where do they go? Right outside their back doors, of course. While you’re at it, your own theater room—complete with a projector screen and theater-style seating—would surely beat the sticky floors and squeaky seats at the local matinee.

While celebrities like Oprah, Britney Spears, and Will Smith all have private lakes on their properties, that’s not always feasible in Middle Tennessee. However, built-in water features are always among the most popular add-ons. The unbeatable sound of running water from a fountain can transform your backyard into an idyllic paradise; a small pond will be fantastic during any season.

Putting Together Your Dream Home

We specialize in building your dreams from the ground up. As one of Middle Tennessee’s most accomplished custom home builders, we create some of the most beautiful homes in Nashville and beyond.

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