Why Special Function Rooms are In Style

Special function rooms, which largely vanished from the building and remodeling radar during the housing slump, are enjoying a freshened popularity. Home renovations are seeing an upturn in repurposing existing space into home offices and home theaters, while demand for in-law suites and outdoor living space is skyrocketing in Middle Tennessee’s new home market.special function rooms- Hughes Edwards Builders

Special Function Rooms

The needs of homeowners are changing. Home offices are no longer a niche for the self-employed. The corporate world has its share of full and part-time telecommuters who need a clean, low-distraction space for work. While you can always remodel a spare bedroom into office space, new homes trends show that offices closer to living areas and away from bedrooms are more popular.

In-law suites are enjoying increased popularity, too. Guest space is fundamental, and in many cases, that extra room is helpful when adult children make their way back home. Growing employment is also creating a larger demand for in-home childcare and live-in housekeepers. Separate living suites enable household cohabitation while promoting privacy for everyone.

What’s Old is New

Mudrooms are another feature we’re seeing in new homes, as homeowners are finding them an attractive option for storing outerwear and outdoor gear. Much like the mudrooms of old, this space keeps clutter and outdoor dirt from spilling over into your living area—especially when they’re outfitted with convenient storage bins, benches and closet space.

What’s New is Newer

Outdoor living rooms are still a relatively new concept that evolved from simple backyard decks and wraparound porches. After a lull in popularity during the recession, these fully furnished outdoor living spaces are seeing a new heyday. Shade and rain coverings, and even infrared heating units, are extending the use of these outdoor living rooms into areas (and seasons) not generally known for fantastic weather.

Home theaters are once again replacing the den or family room in some households. Wireless technology is helping designers create clean and polished looks in media rooms—no more worrying about concealing miles of cable and bulky receiver boxes. Combined with spectacular big-screen televisions and smaller speakers, subtle textures and comfortable furniture can bring concert sound and cinematic excitement to homeowners and their guests.

What’s Going into Your Custom Home?

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