How to Communicate with Your Custom Homebuilder

You’ve done your research, coordinated your finances and spent many restless nights thinking about this life-changing event. You’re having your own unique and beautiful dream home built.

Now what?


Providing Hughes-Edwards with All the Information We Need

We’ll meet with you to talk about your custom home. We need to hear about your expectations, what you want your home to do for you, and what you’d like us to include in your home. We’re not shy about asking questions, and we don’t want you to be, either.

Communicating Throughout the Custom Home-Building Process

Relying on expert builders means you will enjoy open communication, honest answers to your questions, clarity throughout the entire building process and the ability to make informed decisions.

Sometimes our clients want answers to these questions:

  • What kind of warranties do you offer?
  • What standard and optional features do you include in a custom package?
  • How can I contact you if I have questions?
  • Who is in charge of overseeing my home’s construction?
  • When is the final price determined?
  • How much access to the home am I allowed during the building process?

These are just a few ideas to get you started – we’ll answer anything that you ask.

What Do You Want in Your Custom Home?

Whether you’re dreaming of a gorgeous library where you can relax for hours or you want a spacious outdoor gathering place for family and friends, we can make it happen. We do renovations, too, so if you’re happy in your current home but you’d like to make a few changes, we can help. Please take a few minutes to browse our gallery, where you’ll find some of the Nashville area’s most beautiful homes.

Getting in Touch with Hughes-Edwards Builders

You can always fill out our online contact form, email us or call us at 615-824-6970.

We are currently building in a number of spectacular communities, as well as outside community boundaries.

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