Should You Renovate Your Home

We’ve all had the feeling that we’ve outgrown our homes or that they no longer meet our needs, and when that happens, you’re faced with two choices: move or improve.

So what’s right for you – renovating your Middle Tennessee home or having a custom home built to meet your needs?


Renovation vs. Moving: What’s Best for You and Yours?

This is usually a hard question for most homeowners, because moving is usually associated with quite a bit of hassle; you’ll have to sell your existing home, find a new place to live that does meet your needs, and then go through the headache of packing up and moving.

Renovation doesn’t usually sound much easier, though. Many people are worried about maintaining livable space during construction, and sometimes it’s not easy to settle on what needs to change in an existing home to make it more useful.

Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Cost. Would it be safer financially for you to stay put and spend money on upgrading your existing home?
  • Convenience. Do you have time in your life to sell your home, find a new one and move?
  • Eventual resale value. If you do renovate your home and later choose to move anyway, will you recoup much of the money you put into the renovation? (Some renovations create a much higher return than others do, so it may be worth checking the cost vs. value in the Nashville area.)

Should You Let the Numbers Decide?

While figuring out the math that will probably sway your decision is important, what’s more important is thinking about your future. Choosing to build a new home is a big investment, and renovating might solve your problems – but that solution could be temporary.

Ask yourself, and please be honest: Is it really the size and style of your home that’s bothering you, or is it something else? If you could forget about the numbers, what would you choose?

Hughes Edwards Can Help, No Matter What You Choose

Call us at 615-824-6970 or send us a note. We build some of Middle Tennessee’s most beautiful custom homes, but we also perform some of the area’s most spectacular renovations. We’ll help you make the right choice for you and your family, and we’ll walk you through the process no matter what you decide.

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