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After a long day, few things sound better than kicking off your shoes and relaxing in hot, sudsy water. It goes without saying that some days require better treatment than an ordinary bathtub can provide, but finding out which style is best for you is crucial – your relaxation depends on it.find the perfect bathtub- Hughes Edwards Builders

A Garden Tub

While garden tubs are just a larger, more comfortably shaped version of an ordinary bathtub, often featuring a built-in shower, they’re a must-have for people who:

  • Want to unwind with plenty of room
  • Enjoy short soaks
  • Like to blend a shower and a bath

An Infinity Tub

You can fill an infinity tub right to the brim and soak for hours. The overflow simply rolls off the sides and, in some models, recirculates. Infinity tubs are ideal for people who:

  • Enjoy long, luxurious baths
  • Prefer to sink back to relax
  • Want a tub that eliminates overflow splashes

A Soaking Tub

Soaking tubs are a bit different than your run-of-the-mill baths. They’re designed to let you sink in up to your chin while sitting up straight (or sort-of straight). Soaking tubs are usually deeper than they are wide, so they’re great for people who:

  • Only have a small space to work with
  • Have back injuries that inhibit back-bending mobility
  • Enjoy soaking while sitting up

Which Tub is Right for You?

If you’re planning a custom home, you may have more options than you would if you’re renovating your bathroom. Because some bathtubs may be more challenging to install (such as freestanding tubs that require in-floor plumbing), your existing space might play a major role in your decision.

No matter what you decide, Hughes-Edwards Builders can help. We’re one of Middle Tennessee’s premier construction firms, and we’ll use our extensive experience to help you enjoy the bathtub of your dreams. Call us at (615)824-6970, contact us online, or fill out the form below and we’ll be happy to talk about what you need.[gravityform id=”9″ name=”Contact Us”]

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