Quick Kitchen Mood-Booster: LED Accent Lighting

What if we told you that you could improve the ambience of your kitchen and give it an elegant, professionally designed look in just a few hours (and for less than $100)?

What if we took it a step farther and told you that you could use the same technique in your bathroom?LED Lighting- Hughes Edwards Builders

The Latest in Ambience: LED Kickplate Lighting

Designers all over the country are lighting things up around the baseboards of kitchen islands, cupboards and more with LED lighting. Because the edges of kickplates are tucked away neatly, it’s easy to conceal LED strips while creating a soft glow to illuminate or highlight your space’s best features. As long as you have easy access to a power source near where the end of your LED rope will go, you’ll be ready to brighten things up a bit.

Choosing Your LED Lights

Before you dive in, think about the warmth and brightness you’ll need beneath your counters and kitchen islands. You’re going to be purchasing LED rope lights, which are often dimmable, so you’ll likely be able to adjust how much light they emit at any time.

LED warmth is measured on the Kelvin scale. A light at 3,000 Kelvin is cool and crisp (think blue undertones), while one at 2,700 Kelvin is warmer and more yellow – much like the old incandescent bulbs.

Once you’ve chosen the warmth and brightness, it’s time to measure the area you’ll be illuminating. Generally, LED light strips should stop less than 1 inch from the ends of your kickplates, so it’s important to get accurate measurements.

What You Need

In order to install your own LED lights above the kickplates in your kitchen or bathroom, all you need is the right length of LED rope with adhesive backing; you can also choose a mounting kit that includes brackets and screws.

Installing Kickplate LED Lighting

If you’ve chosen an LED rope with adhesive backing, all you need to do is remove the backing and press it into the joint where the kickplate meets the bottom of the cupboard.

If you have a mounting kit that includes brackets, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on installing the brackets; most simply screw into place. Don’t space the brackets more than 6 inches apart, because your LED rope can droop and cause uneven lighting.

Need a Little Help?

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