Smart House Technology for Custom Homes and Renovations in Nashville

Smart house technologies are constantly evolving.  Are you keeping up?

If you’re planning to build a new home in the Nashville area or home renovation project, you may be surprised to see how many new, hi-tech home products are out there, just waiting to make your life easier.

And you really can’t figure out which ones you need until you get informed.

Here are a few easy ways to do it:

HGTV built a beach house in Jacksonville, Fla. as its “Smart Home 2013” and the virtual tours  HERE are a showcase of new home technologies.

There’s a whole house automation system with wall-mounted e-tablets that can control everything from the lights to the swimming pool controls, of course.

That’s just the beginning of what you can see in this show house.

There’s a “theater art system” incorporating retractable, canvas art that hides the televisions in the family room when they aren’t being used, an induction cook top in the kitchen that automatically shuts off if a pot boils over, and self-flushing, self-cleaning toilets – with built-in, programmable night lights.

Motorized retractable art screens cover the TV's on the HGTV Smart Home

Motorized retractable art screens cover the TV’s on the HGTV Smart Home

(via HGTV)

Freshome Design and Architecture lists “Five Smart Home Technologies That Will Save You Money” . The products described range from “The Windspire,” a wind turbine designed for residential installation that creates its own electricity, to a little $10 product called “The Water Pebble” designed to help a homeowner conserve water.

The water pebble helps homeowners conserve water.

The water pebble helps homeowners conserve water.

(via Freshome)

All you do is put it in the floor of your shower.  It lights up as soon as you turn on the water and, like a traffic light, it goes red when you’ve started overusing.

Smart Homes:  How To Build the Most Hi-Tech House on the Block”  is also a must-read on this subject.

There’s a great photo gallery to be found here showcasing some extremely futuristic products, like “anti-WiFi wallpaper,” coffee tables with computers built into the table tops, and web-enabled refrigerators that act like a home computer – while still chilling your food.

To really wrap your mind around this subject visit How Stuff Works and read “How Smart Homes Work.”

The authors explain that anything in your home that uses electricity can become part of a connected home network that is centrally controlled, and programmable.

There’s also a description of the almost eerie, uber-smart home owned by Bill Gates.

If remote controls are your thing, read “Controlling the ‘Smart Home” With Tablets and Smartphones by Nick Wingfield, and “The Remote Controlled ‘Smart House.”

When you are ready to discuss how to integrate smart house technology into the beautiful design of your new custom home or home renovation in the Nashville area, we would love to talk to you. Please contact us at 615-824-6970 or fill out the form below.

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