Surviving the Wait While Your Custom Home is Being Built

Do you feel like a kid counting the days until that Disneyland vacation? The wait between breaking ground and moving into your new custom home seems as endless as the line for Space Mountain during spring break.

So what can you do to make the time go by faster?

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Talk to Us Regularly

Don’t feel like you’re being a bother; fielding questions and reporting on progress is part of our job as custom homebuilders. We’ll certainly give you updates, but it’s always okay to call with questions and request updates on your own, too.

Visit Your Home Site

So excited you just have to see how the build is going? Go have a look! It’s your property, and it can be encouraging to see the changes over time. Take care to obey any safety guidelines that may be in place when you visit—you don’t want to add recovering from a fall or other injury to your to-do list.

Start Planning Your Décor

Perhaps the best way to distract yourself from the long wait is to start shopping for your new décor. Oh, you’ve already chosen your paint colors, floor coverings, and countertops, sure. But have you decided what new furnishings will inhabit your fresh new space?

There are plenty of details your new house will need to make it comfortable. Do you have enough houseplants for all your new rooms? Maybe your entryway needs a beveled mirror, or your new kitchen is calling for a few quirky antique gadgets to give it personality.

If you’re working with a professional decorator, he or she may want to come to the home with you while it’s still under construction; seeing things in-person is a lot different from seeing a floor plan on paper.

Let’s Shorten Your Wait Time – Call Us Today

The sooner you meet with our expert home designers, the sooner you’ll be moving into your Middle Tennessee custom home. Call us at 615-824-6970 or contact Hughes Edwards Builders online today.

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