How to Pick the Perfect Neighborhood in Middle Tennessee

Finding the perfect neighborhood in Middle Tennessee can be a little bit overwhelming. We have dozens of spectacular places to live, so whether you want to cozy up to nature in your own green space or you want a neighborhood where everyone knows each other and the homes are all within close proximity, you’re going to find it.

But how do you know whether a neighborhood is right for you?

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How to Pick the Perfect Neighborhood in Middle Tennessee

Choosing the right neighborhood depends largely on personal preference. If you ask yourself the right questions, you can start narrowing your choices quickly. These will get you off to a good start:

  1. Do you have children (or will you soon)? If the answer is yes, you can knock out some potential neighborhoods by looking at their school systems. Like the kids they educate, all schools in Tennessee get a report card – and if you’re a parent, you know that bringing home a good report card is extremely important.
  2. How far will you be willing to commute? While a half-hour drive doesn’t sound bad, it might not be bearable five days a week. You can rule out neighborhoods after talking to locals about the traffic or by driving the path to work during rush hour (don’t cheat yourself – go both ways!).
  3. How far will you drive to your favorite places? While there isn’t much difference between most of Brentwood’s subdivisions and Nashville, you can rule out Thompson’s Station if you’re not willing to make a 30-minute drive to Music City.

Once you’ve narrowed your choices to a few neighborhoods, the real work begins. Visit the neighborhoods and listen to your gut; you might be surprised at the way you feel once you’re strolling around and seeing things from a different vantage point.

Pay attention to the noise levels and see how friendly the neighbors are. Both of those things can be make-or-break points for homebuyers.

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