The Ultimate Media Room Floor Plan

Having a media room where you and your family can enjoy quality time together is almost a must in today’s modern houses. Creating the perfect media room takes finesse and style – so what can you do to create the ultimate media room floor plan?

First, make sure that you consider the ages and stages of the people who will be using it. Remember that your media room will serve your family for years, so plan accordingly.

The Ultimate Media Room- Hughes Edwards Builders
The Ultimate Media Room- Hughes Edwards Builders

The Ultimate Media Room

You’ll probably be using your media room for family movie night, entertaining guests and much more. There’s a lot to consider, including:

Acoustics. It makes sense to consider acoustics first. Will you have speakers built into the walls? Stand-alone stereo systems? Technology advances faster than we’d like to admit, so make sure that you have easy access to your home theater and stereo systems; that way, you can upgrade as necessary.While you’re thinking about acoustics, don’t forget that the room itself needs a careful balance of reflected sound. You don’t want it to absorb too much sound, but you don’t want every pin drop bouncing off of the walls so that the room sounds like an echo chamber. You may want to consider an acoustic ceiling that can help disperse sound properly.

Size and layout. How many people do you anticipate sharing your media room at one time? Don’t forget about kids’ parties, sleepovers and other events that you might like to hold there. The general rule is that a media room should encompass between 10 and 20 square feet per resident; that way, you can fit all of your furnishings and entertainment items inside and still have enough room for people to spread out and enjoy themselves.

Lighting. LEDs behind ledges create a spectacular ambience, but what if you need more than mood lighting? Many people are opting for dimmable LEDs throughout their media rooms—including recessed lighting and track lighting—with separate controls for each type so that they can create the right environment for any activity, from family charades to a romantic movie for two.

Screen sizes and viewing distances. Many people choose to have wall-mounted screens or screens that tuck neatly into a recessed space in the wall. Just keep in mind that screen sizes and types change frequently, and build with enough space to accommodate your future preferences.

What Does Your Dream Media Room Look Like?

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