What’s Hot- Geometry in Design

Geometry in design is hard to pull off the right way – but it is possible. We did a little legwork and found some hot tips from the pros to help you add all the right angles to your home décor.

Angles in Action: Choose Geometric Flooring

To create a well-balanced geometric look in any room, you have to start with the right flooring. You can pick a rug with great angular patterns or have tile installed that takes center stage, according to designer and blogger Kate Carter.

“Geometrics are all the rage in interior design and installing a graphic tile pattern on the floor makes a dramatic style statement,” says Kate.

Honeycomb Lighting and Other Décor

Using lamps and light fixtures designed with the perfect symmetry of honeycombs, according to designer Marissa Brassfield, is the perfect way to accent your home without going overboard or disrupting other décor. You can even add more flourish and flair with honeycomb-shaped shelves and bistro chairs. Another idea is a dimensional honeycomb wall like this one from Vintage Revivals. 

Honeycomb Wall from Vintage Revivals Blog
Honeycomb Wall from Vintage Revivals Blog

Geometry in Media Rooms

Geometric ceilings are great for media rooms, and if you’re using a raised pattern, they can help with your acoustics, as well. Simple, rounded edges using baffles can create depth and a truly unique look in any room – not just a media room – and can put your interior design a cut above everyone else’s.

Art and Geometry, Combined

A big splash of math on the wall doesn’t sound very appealing, but when you call it geometric wall art, you’re in a different ballpark. Latticework frames, geometric paintings with bright, contrasting colors, and even well-placed photo frames can create an angular effect that’s warm and welcoming, according to Parisian design pro Sara Paneire.

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