What’s Your Design Style?

While everyone has a unique design style, it’s often helpful to know – especially when you’re working with a custom homebuilder – which category suits you best.Whats Your Design Style- custom luxury home builders

What’s your design style? The Five Major Design Styles:

According to designers, there are five “umbrella” design styles, and everyone falls somewhere on this spectrum. In reality, most people have a blend of two or more, but as an overview, these are the five with the most striking differences:

Contemporary Design

  • Contemporary design offers open, flexible floor plans. In most cases, there are minimal decorative elements throughout any contemporary room; much of the charm comes from the natural shape of the building as well as built-in features. A great example: James Marsden’s Nashville kitchen. Plenty of windows, lots of natural light.

Eclectic Design

  • Eclectic design is a gathering of different periods and styles brought together through texture, color and shape. Generally, eclectic décor uses a few neutral colors to rein everything in; it blends quirky personal style with creativity and elegance. Check out Katy Perry’s former home for a glimpse at eclectic décor.

Traditional Design

Rustic Design

  • Rustic décor is just like you picture it – plenty of wood, natural elements and all the right tones. Many people assume rustic design will turn a house into a deep-woods cabin (not that we don’t all want one of those), but that’s just not the case. You can have bright, open spaces and rustic décor like Ellen Degeneres and Joel Schumacher.

Mid-Century Design

  • Midcentury refers to a retro look straight out of the 1950s, but it’s a careful balance between old and new. Too much midcentury décor can make your home look dated, but with the right blend, it is absolutely amazing. Check out Scarlett Johansson’s former home in Los Angeles for a perfect example of midcentury and modern combined.

Ready to Create Your Dream House?

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