3 Things That Threaten Your Home Every Winter

Winter is rolling in, but before it’s in full swing, you need to know that there are three things that can threaten your home when temperatures dip below freezing. Many of us stop at the first level of winter protection; we turn off the outside water pipes or wrap the spigots in towels, make sure our gutters are clean and call it a day – but that can be a dangerous (and costly) mistake.

Winter Threats

3 Things that Threaten Your Home Every Winter

Your custom home is going to look spectacular with a dusting of glittery snow on it, but if you don’t prepare properly, you could have a lot of work on your hands. Here are the three biggest winter threats:

LANDSCAPING: Not all landscaping can pose a threat to your home, but trees can. Because ice weighs down branches, and we get the occasional ice storm in Middle Tennessee, now is the time to double-check on mature trees that are growing close to your home.Check for cracked branches, which can pose a problem with the weight of ice. Additionally, branches that hang over your roof or those that are close to windows might cause you some trouble during winter storms.

GUTTERS: Ice dams can build in your gutters, which can force new water up beneath your roof. Water expands when it freezes, too, so it can push out the sides of your gutters or cause them to come loose.Make sure your gutters are thoroughly cleaned before the first snow falls, and check them again once all of the leaves are definitely off the trees just to be safe.

HVAC: It’s always a good idea to have an HVAC tech come out and check your furnace. You haven’t used it all summer, and it would be horrible for a problem to crop up and leave you in the cold (literally.)

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