4 Fresh Bathroom Trends You’ll Love

There are some absolutely stunning bathrooms in the homes we’ve designed, but these four new bathroom trends have left us in awe. Because we design custom homes in Middle Tennessee, we’re excited – and you will be, too.4 Bathroom Trends - Hughes Edwards Builders

4 Fresh Bathroom Trends You’ll Love

We’re not talking about paint, art or even masterfully designed bathtubs. We’re thinking completely outside the conventions of traditional design.

1. Living walls. A living wall—one that is literally made from growing, thriving plants—is a breathtaking addition behind your tub, behind your door or even on the additional wall space around your mirror. While they’re not the easiest thing to care for, choosing the right plants can help ensure they’ll give you years of spectacular beauty. (Here’s a hint: spider plants, English ivy and a variety of soft mosses are ideal for moderate-light, moderate-moisture bathrooms.)

2. Walk-in showers. The old stand-up showers we grew up with have nothing on today’s custom versions. Imagine a warm rain shower with sturdy wood slats beneath your feet; no unsightly drains, less splash, and the luxury of feeling like you’re in a spa every time you step in. Teak, ipe and massaranduba woods are ideal for shower floors, but they do get a little slippery when wet.

3. Copper fixtures. There’s so much you can do with copper to add a warm, homey feel to your bathroom. From an all-copper sink or tub to copper accents such as light fixtures and knobs, copper is the “in” thing right now.

4. Big, shiny and bright. Luxury hotel-style bathrooms are making their way into residential homes because they let you immerse yourself in a different world. Big mirrors, ultra-shiny floors in black or white, and plenty of lighting (backlighting on mirrors and track lighting overhead) are the way to go if “glam” is your thing.

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