Landscape Lighting- Doing it Right

You have a gorgeous home, but there’s one problem: the porch lights don’t do it justice at night. Fortunately, landscape lighting is a piece of cake. Once you have the supplies, you can generally get everything done over the weekend; by Sunday night, you’ll be enjoying your house’s spectacular new look.Landscape Lighting- Doing it Right- Hughes-Edwards Builders

Choosing the Right Landscape Lighting

First, figure out what you’re trying to achieve. Are you using landscape lighting as an attractive home security system? Do you want to illuminate the porch, the sidewalk, the area around your swimming pool or everything all at once (which might take longer than a day)?

We usually recommend long-lasting outdoor LED bulbs for landscape lighting because they’re relatively low-maintenance, they’re tough to break, and they won’t cost you a fortune in energy bills. Many retailers sell LED rope lights that are incredibly easy to install (just secure the rope wherever you want light), as well as battery-powered and solar-powered hanging lamps that can light up your pathways. LED wall washers are a great way to illuminate the sides of your home, your flag, and trees – and the best part about them is that they’re often dimmable, remote-controlled and timer-ready.

When you’re picking the bulbs, use the same standards you would if you were installing under-cabinet LED lighting in your kitchen. Just make sure that they’re rated for outdoor use and can withstand Middle Tennessee’s quickly-changing weather conditions.

Setting the Stage

Once you’ve brought your new lights home, clear out debris, leaves and glass clippings. Put the lights in place and, if they need it, connect them to a power source. Don’t anchor them in or do anything permanent yet; wait until it gets dark and do a trial run to make sure your spacing and placement is perfect. The next morning, tie up the loose ends by making your lighting more permanent and you’ll be all set.

Not Happy with Your Current Landscape?

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